A U • N A T U R E L


titleI’ve always wanted to make a mood board, but never really had a chance to do one. Honestly though, I really should put one together next season so I can at least have a cohesive design plan. Although I do not have a mood board from Spring/Summer 2015, the images and styles I’ve been drawn towards saving and pinning all seem to come from a similar theme which I would like to call “Natural Simplicity”. It’s showing up everywhere in my life! Design, clothing, interior design preferences. etc.  I honestly have never been a lover of vintage, botanical looks… but now it seems I’m obsessed with it. It’s gotten so bad that now I even want to start gardening again…

So today I will be talking about this style and how it has managed to seep into areas of my aesthetic preferences. (ooouuhh big words)














How has “Natural Simplicity” affected my clothing style? Well, above are a sample of outfit styles from Pinterest that I’ve been yearning to emulate this season, but don’t have the money to afford doing so. Personally, I don’t think I could pull off the hat, but you can see what I’m trying to get at. But Isn’t that green jumper dress just adorable?  >.<

  • Colours – Forest green, khaki, navy, white, ivory, blush, light blue… basically forest/earthy tones and muted brights (“that’s a paradox!”)
  • Patterns – Floral, tribal, and polka dots
  • Fabric/Materials – Chiffon, linen and cotton
  • Accessories – Oxfords, strappy flat sandals, structured satchel and flower crowns ❤
  • Coveted clothing pieces this season – denim jumper dress, gingham anything and lots of white blouses!

Some more pictures… *O*


One word: Flowers. FlowersFlowers. MORE FLOWERS!


Just look at these beauties! How can you not be inspired by the colours and shapes. Ugh. Now I just want to drop everything and go draw flowers. But I can’t. I at least need to finish my first blog post.

How do flowers translate into my design ideas? Recently I’ve been trying out different medium combinations. My favourite has been pencil crayon and marker on kraft. It looks so nice! I’m seriously in love with Kraft paper! It’s cheap to get and it gives off a very rustic and simple feel. I have always loved my Prisamcolor Premier pencils but now I love them even more. The way the colours show up so vividly on kraft paper combined with Crayola Supertip Markers is incredible. (Sorry, I must sound like such an art nerd right now)

Here is an example of what I’ve done recently using the mediums I just talked about.  I listed this journal on Etsy a couple days a ago and it’s one of my favourite pieces so far!


Basically anything whimsical, floral, woodland goes for me this season. I’m always looking for new inspiration but I hope this style doesn’t get old for me. I have really enjoyed working with this style so far and I hope it carries out for a while. I don’t want it to go out of style D:

I guess this ends my first ever post on Joyful Song Studio blog! I have never written this much before on a blog post, but I guess this indicates that I have finally found my passion and something I actually enjoy sharing and writing about. I hope I will be able to keep up with this blog… I tend to get lazy very easily.

–Lynndelynn ❤


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