Hello Hello!

My name is Lynn! But you can call me whatever you like because I go by a multitude of nicknames 🙂

I am a born again believer who has put her faith and trust in Jesus Christ and is day by day striving to walk closer to Him. I am currently 21 years old and am in my senior year of Bible College at FaithWay Baptist College of Canada majoring in Religious Education and minoring in Christian Day School and Sacred Music.

Apart from teaching and music, I have always loved art and now am dabbling in graphic arts and some fine arts. God has allowed to encourage others through my love of art by making Bible verse prints and through commissions. This past May I was able to open up my own Etsy shop called Joyful Song Paper Co. I also have a piano studio called Joyful Song.

This blog is sort of like another creative outlet for myself. I’m not that great of a writer but please bear with me. I also tend to post before I check my grammar, I can be a little impatient in that aspect. I love posting about things I love and I hope I can inspire my readers to do what they love to do also through this blog.

To anyone who happens to read my musings, enjoy!

Love Lynn ❤


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