B U L L E T • J O U R N A L


13987781_1268833013127135_615887032_oWhen I first heard of the bullet journal was skeptical to how it worked. How could one possibly make a planner so flexible? I was interested because I could never make planners work for me, whether it was app or it was one of those expensive and pretty Kate Spade planners from Chapters. I always found that I would run out of space to write everything I wanted in traditional planners and I hated typing everything in my phone. So I just gave up trying.

So when I found out about bullet journalling, I would watch videos on bullet journalling and scroll through studyblrs on Tumblr admiring them. I wanted to start one but could not bring myself to do it because of the commitment until recently… (very recently). I found out a close friend of mine had started bullet journalling a couple months back. I looked through her bullet journal and finally was inspired to put my admirations into action.

Today I would like to share some of my bullet journal spreads and some ideas I’ve started implementing. (Even though I literally just started)

One of the biggest issues that held me back from starting was that I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to customizing my personal things. I just could not decide on fonts and styles and ended up ripping pages out continually. Once I just settled and got over it, it became much more enjoyable. Ideas of different things to add in my journal kept on coming.

I encourage anyone who is looking into bullet journaling to start! It really is as flexible as it claims to be because honestly, the only thing the bullet journal is limited by is your imagination. Grab a blank journal and just start! Get over your mistakes and just go for it!

I hope to post a bit more when I had more of journal filled, like daily spreads and some fun logs I’ve set that have yet to be filled in. 🙂

–  Lynndelynn ❤